Mr. Arun Sharma Poudyal

Name Arun Sharma Poudyal
Position Associate Professor & Coordinator, B.Sc. Forestry Program
Degree Masters in Natural Resource Management , Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand
Area of Expertise
  • Community Based Forest Management
  •  Biodiversity and Landscape Management
  • Governance and Livelihoods
  •  Forest Based Enterprises Development
  • Climate Change
Courses SFM 607             Community ForestryDF-II/7                 Forest Harvesting and Utilization
  • Team Leader, Oct 2013 to Oct 2014. Exploring Community Based Initiatives for Effective and Efficient Mobilization of CFUG Fund in Forest Management and Livelihood Improvement in Dang and Rolpa Districts. Green Solution Nepal.
  • Team Leader, Feb 2014 to August 2015. Sensitization of Constituent Assembly Members and District Political Leaders on Policy Discourse of Biodiversity Conservation. National Federation of Youth NGOs.
  • Team leader, June 2014 to June 2015. Fire line Alignment in Tilaurakot Collaborative Forest Management, Kapilbastu district (Northern Part). Natural Resources Research and Development Centre.
  • Team leader, Feb 2015 to June 2015.Consultation, Outreach and Capacity Building of Relevant Stakeholders on REDD+. Environment, Culture, Agriculture, Research and Development Society, Nepal (ECARDS-Nepal)
  • Forestry Expert, Jan 2014 to April 2014. Land use capability classification project. RAAS Consultancy.
Selected Papers
  •  Gaurishankar Conservation Area, Prospects for Landscape Linkages, 2003 July 19 Published in Kathmandu Post.
  • Leasehold Forestry for Poverty Reduction: Impact, Policy and Issues. National Workshop ‘Role of Leasehold Forestry in Poverty Alleviation’ Workshop Proceedings, Society for Partners in Development, 2003.
  • Community Forestry for Poverty Reduction: Scaling up Learning Process from   Dolakha, District. A paper presented at the fourth national community workshop, 2004.
  • Gaurishankar Conservation Area: Prospects and Opportunities for Landscape Linkages, Hamro Kalpabrichya, no. 145, 2060.
  • Sustainable local Hand-made Paper (NepaliKagat) Enterprises: A case Study of Dolakha District. Journal of Forest and Livelihood vol 4(1), 2004.
  • Community forestry for Poverty Reduction: Social Inclusion and Enterprises Development Initiatives in Nepal. The Paper submitted in the International Community Forestry Conference Organized by RECOFT, Thailand.
  • Community Forest for Poverty Alleviation: Social Inclusion and Sustainable Forest Management Initiatives. A case study from Sundar Community Forest of Morang District. The First International Community Forestry Workshop, Pokhara, September 15-18, 2009.
  • Agro-forestry Management and Practices in the Middle Hills: Linkages to Improve Livelihood and Empowerment of Rural Women in Nepal. Proceedings of International Workshop in Agroforestry, Kathmandu, November 28-29, 2013.