Dr. Jhamak B. Karki

Name Dr. Jhamak B. Karki
Position Vice-principal/Associate professor
Degree PhD
Email jbkarki@gmail.com
Area of Expertise Protected Area Conservation and Management , Habitat Conservation and Management, Tiger and Preybase Monitoring, Protected Area Policy and Governance
Courses Not yet taken
Projects Not engaged currently
Selected Papers
  1. Karki, J.B, Jhala, Y. and Khanna, P.P. 2000. Grazing lawns in Terai grasslands, Royal Bardia National Park, Nepal. Biotropica Vol.32, No.3 (423-429).
  2. Karki, J.B.; Pandav, B.; Jnawali, S. R.; Shrestha, R.; Pradhan, N.M.B.; Lamichane, B.R.; Khanal, P.; Subedi, N. and Jhala, Y. V. 2013. The largest tiger population in Nepal: estimating tiger from floodplain and churiya, CNP. Fauna & Flora International, Oryx, 49(1), 15-156, IP address:
  3. Dhakal,M., Karki,J.B., Gaire,K. and Khadka,B.B. 2012. Species Conservation and Breeding Centers in Nepal In Acharya, K.P. and Dhal, M. (eds) 2012 Biodiversiy Conservation in Nepal: A Success Story.
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  6.  Karki,J.B. 2010. Issues related to Conservation of Wetlands in Sagarmatha National Park In Contemporary Research in Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) Region, Nepal: An Anthology published by Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, Khumaltar, Lalitpur, Nepal.