Ram Asheshwar Mandal

Name Ram Asheshwar Mandal
Position Associate Professor & Co-coordinator of UNGIS Program
Degree Ph D in carbon sequestration
Email ram.mandal@gmail.com
Area of Carbon sequestration, Climate change, biometric and GIS-RS
Courses GIS introduction in M SC, Forest measurement in B Sc and I Sc
Projects Community based Restoration of Ecological Balance and Biodiversity Conservation of Churia
Bottleneck Corridor, Siwalik and Tarai, Nepal supported by MSFP, Nepal ; Strategic Research
on Impacts of Climate Change on Indigenous Community & Forest Biodiveristy, Forest carbon
Selected 2015: “Evaluating Carbon Stocks and Plant Biodiversity Relationship in Tree outside Forests
Papers of Terai, Nepal in International Conference on Forests, Soil and Rural Livelihood in
Climate Change.
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