भवन शिलान्यास कार्यक्रम

KAFCOL collaborated with Coursera

KAFCOL wishes to keep its alumni and students engaged in distance learning during ongoing pandemic. For this reason, KAFCOL collaborated with Coursera to provide quality online courses.
KAFCOL is happy to offer its alumni and current students a limited number of Coursera access. This offer will allow one to enroll in courses until the 30th of September and have twelve weeks then after to complete. Students can choose various courses of their interest offered from leading universities such as Yale, Stanford, Michigan; and industries like Google and IBM. Upon successful completion, a certificate will be offered for free – which normally costs some amount in USD per course.
To participate in this offer, fill the form available online at https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=DQSIkWdsW0yxEjajBLZtrQAAAAAAAAAAAAN__oPA4LRUN0swRkY0UlhKODRINUc0MTRFNEtUU0NQVy4u&fbclid=IwAR1Kh2xfsOM5HiaptN8E2YgzhxDLdWTDLIAxIfhIP8CZcGukytYmHo8MFRc

to receive the access information in your email. This offer is “first-come first-serve” basis; therefore hurry-up to benefit from this offer and keep learning!

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