- Pragyan

My Kathmandu Forestry College Reflections

My four years at KAFCOL passed quicker than I could have ever imagined. I know I’m not exactly old, but I realize how true it is that time seems to fly by as you grow older. There’s no more sitting in the 7 am lecture during winters, struggling to keep my eyes open and wishing for Saturday to come sooner. Instead, I seemed to have blinked and the entire four years is over now. I want to share my journey, from being a very frightened fresher in 2013, to a happy, confident alumni of KAFCOL now pursuing their MSc in Sustainable Tropical Forestry in Europe through the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. This has been possible because of how KAFCOL nurtured me.

I am where am I today because of all the support that I received from KAFCOL. From the administration staffs to my professors, each and everyone helped me grow and realize my potential. The support from the teaching staffs in and outside the classrooms must be pointed out as I believe this played a massive role in my personal and professional growth. The emphasis on learning by doing is evident from the numerous field trips and practical work that the students carry out every semester. Moreover, studying forestry at Kathmandu Forestry College is worth it!

- Anusha

When I first decided to apply to the Forestry program at Kathmandu Forestry College, I never thought that it would be such a remarkable experience.

It would be a long essay if I am to explain how amazingly the four years of my Bachelor’s Degree in KAFCOL has shaped my career path!

Honestly, at first I was excited and happy to have chosen “Forestry” just because it sounds so amazing (and not so mainstream, obviously); but later, I was also intimidated by all the new courses which focused only on and around “forest”. It wasn’t easy, but then when I actually started to study those courses, I realized how diverse and integrated Forestry is. I noticed that forestry is an applied science and it covers all the associated natural resources such as soil, water, land, air, wildlife and recreation along with their management, laws and policies, also engineering, sociology and many more related sciences. And this means, we can choose to specialize in any of these subjects that fascinates the most. Forestry career paths that graduates follow include forest biologists, professional foresters, wood engineers/experts, forestry business administrators, conservationists, renewable resource managers, government forest officers, and many more.

A lot of scopes, right?

KAFCOL has an extraordinary teaching faculty, which is definitely one of the factors that enhances the college’s portrayal as an esteemed educational organization. I am ineffably indebted to all my great teachers and lecturers of KAFCOL who guided and motivated me throughout my studies and also after. Currently, I am studying Masters course in Sustainable Tropical Forestry at University of Copenhagen, Denmark. And I am a proud Kafcolian!

Thank You!

(Note: If mentionable, University of Copenhagen ranks #17 in the world for Forestry and Agriculture: QS world ranking 2018)

Akriti Khadka
- Akriti Khadka

KAFCOL, it just feels like yesterday that I was a freshman in the college. Time literally flew by. My days at KAFCOL were the best. Not only did I learn forestry and its technicalities, but I learned the way of life there. It was the place where I had my visions for life straightened out.

Today, where I stand is all in credit to KAFCOL. The college and its team made me believe that the best things out there are meant for me. The faculty and staff were always supportive and encouraging. With the traditional learning method, I gained equal exposure to the real world of the forestry too. The knowledge I gained throughout the years was my ladder to enter and excel at such a prestigious university today. All thanks to KAFCOL.

Masters Candidate
School of Natural Resources
University of Missouri, Columbia