Kathmandu Forestry College

  • Dr. Jhamak B. Karki

    Dr. Jhamak B. Karki has expertise in Protected Area Management, Habitat Conservation and Management, Tiger and Prey base Monitoring, Protected Area Policy and Governance.

    The major subjects taught by him at KAFCOL are:

    B.Sc. Forestry

    Biodiversity Conservation, Wildlife Biology, Wildlife Conservation and Management, Conservation Biology, Protected Area Management, Ornithology and Mammology (Elective, Co-teaching).

  • Dr. Him Lal Shrestha

    Dr. Him Lal Shrestha has expertise in GIS and Remote Sensing applications to Natural Resources Management,
    REDD, Land use change and Climate change, Forest measurement and modeling, Climate change vulnerability and adaptation.

    Some of the major subjects he teaches at KAFCOL are:

    M.Sc. GIS

    GIS Introduction, Geospatial Analysis, Open GIS, Remote Sensing, Environmental Modelling

    M.Sc. NRM-RD

    GIS and Remote Sensing application for the Natural Resource Management

    B.Sc. Forestry

    GIS and Remote Sensing application for the Natural Resource Management

  • Mr. Arun Sharma Poudyal

    Mr. Arun Sharma Poudyal has expertise in Community Forestry and Community based Forest Management, Forest Management and Forest Utilization, Biodiversity Conservation, Climate change and Landscape Management, Governance and Livelihoods, Forest Based Enterprises Development, Non-timber Forest Products, and Forest Certification.

    The major courses instructed by him at KAFCOL are

    B.Sc. Forestry 

    Tree Improvement and Silviculture

    Diploma in Forestry

    Forest Law and Policy


  • Mr. Shiva Shankar Neupane

    Mr. Shiva Shankar Neupane has expertise in Community  forestry planning and  Implementation, Livelihoods and  income  generations, Soil conservation  and  watershed  planning, Community / Rural development,  Forest Protection, Nursery  management and  Plantations, Entrepreneurship  development, Conservation  of  NTFPS and  genetic Resources, Agroforestry promotion.

    The subjects taught by him at KAFCOL are

    B.Sc. Forestry

    Forest Protection

    Diploma in Forestry

    Community  Forestry, Forest Protection

  • Mr. Murari Joshi

    Mr. Murari Joshi has expertise in Agroforestry, Community forestry, Watershed management, and Range management.

    The courses taught at KAFCOL are:

    M.Sc. NRM-RD


    B.Sc. Forestry

    Agroforestry, Range Management and Forestry Extension and Education 

    Diploma in Forestry

    Agroforestry, and Entrepreneurship Development 

  • Ms. Leena Sah

    Ms. Leena Sah has experience in Environment management, Ecology, Climate Change, Wastewater. The major courses taught:

    B.Sc. Forestry

    WME 407: Environmental Science

    Diploma in Forestry

    DIF 1st Year: Zoology

    DIF 3rd year: Extension education

  • Prashid Kandel

    Mr. Prashid is a seasoned expert in Spatial Analysis, specializing in its practical applications within Forestry and Ecology. His proficiency extends to teaching and training, making complex concepts accessible to diverse audiences. Moreover, he excels in interdisciplinary collaboration, leveraging insights from various fields to address ecological challenges comprehensively. With a knack for concept and proposal development, he brings a wealth of expertise in tackling emerging issues, further enhancing his role as a valuable asset in advancing conservation and ecological research.

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