The laboratories in our college are well equipped and well furnished with necessary materials and are managed by dedicated faculty members and technicians.

There are different laboratory facilities for General Science, Forestry and GIS. The students can access laboratories facilities with permission of faculty members and lab technicians.

The lab is equipped with a closed circuit video system for close monitoring of activities in the lab and to avoid any accidents.


Rules and Regulations of Laboratories 

  1. Students should use laboratory facilities following instruction of respective course instructor and laboratory in charge.
  2. Students will be fined for damaging and misplacing any equipment of the laboratories.
  3. Students should not create any kind of disturbance and move any equipment without permission of laboratory in charge.
  4. Students should seek approval from Principal of the college for borrowing any equipment.
  5. No bags are allowed inside the laboratories.
  6. Students are requested to maintain silence.